Awesome Decks - Five Mile Scarecrow

My second ever longboard had to be something special and extravagant (just as my bass guitars, tell me if you want to see them). Also, I wanted to have a top-mounted deck as I was sick of the beginners-friendly feeling of the NinetySixty BooBam. And I aimed for a update on the graphic as well, you understand once you've seen the BooBam. Then I saw Scarecrow.

Top-mounted - check.

Extravagant - Look at this concave and the nose and tail, CHECK.

Nice graphic - Love the colors and the motive, check.

I added Paris trucks in red and matched the wheels and the bearings as well - but I am now looking for a better exchange bearing because the old ones really suck. Although I messed it up a little by having to much of a stress on the style, I really love how it feels on the street. As I have to go downhill pretty much everywhere I go, I really appreciate how the pockets lock your feet in and you can easily keep a little swing to your driving. But I don't really reach any top speeds, although it is actually going down a hill - the rough ground and the fact that it's still in Germany's rather flat northern area don't make for a fast track. Also, the W-concave really keep the weight down and gives just the right flex for me. You might have some issues at first getting along with the bulge, especially under your front-foot toes, but it becomes really important in judging the optimal position of your feet once you've found it. And the price of $160 makes it a really nice deal for a very special board.


Season 1 Recap

My beginning in blogging was a product of a warm and sunny summer morning. I sat down on the balcony and just wrote for some hours and in the end I got the ten first posts finished. But of course there were some tweaks because of the order and stuff. After that headstart there where several evenings I spent on the balcony bringing up concepts for series and the blog itself. My girlfriend got annoyed when I asked her over and over again if this or that would work out but she got her payback.

I tried to get three post a week done but it only worked out for two weeks or so until I set back to two posts and that still works out perfectly. Also I tried to fit the series in the schedule without missing all the latest news I wanted to cover and now ended up with actually two monthly series and a lot of more or less instant content.

It was great to get out once a week, shooting pictures for the Board and Bike Spots. In general I fell in love with photography and even bought my first own camera. And Hamburg is a great city to get started with photography: modern and classic, urban and landscape.

That is my recap of my first six months of blogging with now finally many more to come.

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Board Vibes - Season 2

It's been a long time, eh?

But today I'm back with new motivation, topics and a huge load of news. Of course there were other reasons besides procrastination  for me to stop writing. But those deserve an extra post. Also, there are two more winter themed posts in queue and then, finally, I am personally done with this season.

Following up on Saturday, there will be a roundup of "Season 1" of Board Vibes. I'll just briefly go over the highlights and developments made in those six months. Also there are two spots - one for the board, one for bike - that I had planned since early fall last year that might finally get live.

That's all updated so far, so see you on Saturday.

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Blogs To Read - love from berlin

Today I want to introduce to you to Rae Tashman, a digital product designer and photographer, obviously located in Berlin. Also she runs her blog that is built with a big focus on visuals but the texts are at least as important. I'm going back to browsing through her archive now, see you wednesday.


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Awesome Decks - UNIKORN Lorcan / Moostaste

I found the Moostaste in my Pinterest feed one day and was confused at first - many decks before tried to be arty as hell, but this one really got me. The UNIKORN Moostaste (on the right) is one of those boards that are supposed to hang on the wall and decorate your living room. It was actually released in 2012 already and now, it is not in production anymore.

So I headed to their website for a little research and found out that the artwork was designed by uberkraaft, a really awesome artist. Also I found the new board by UNIKORN - the Lorcan (which you see below).

The Lorcan is shorter and the kick makes it really useful for tricks and the griptape has a really performance oriented look. But UNIKORN from Montreal always works in cooperation with artists from all over the world so this has a artwork just as beautiful as the Moostaste. In this case it is the work of the Brazilian artist Victor Beuren. His thoughts on the deck:

“This deck is all about having fun, about the enjoyment you get from riding it. It’s about the wind on your face, the feeling that you are actually flying across town the kind of feeling that we all hold dear. The design brings toy planes, parachutes, wings and a pilot to help carry your imagination in flying with you.”

The Lorcan is available for $140 CAD deck only or a hundred dollars more for the complete board with Bennett Vector trucks and Seismic Rippler wheels

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